8 restaurant-style Indian food recipes

We all want to know the secret of these delicious dishes served in Indian restaurants. But most of us are reluctant to try these recipes at home. We have 8 Indian restaurant-style recipes for you that are super easy to make at home. With these recipes, you will be able to recreate all the favorite dishes of Indian restaurants without leaving your home. These Indian restaurant-style dishes do not require long hours of cooking and are very tasty. All you have to do is follow these Indian food recipes to the letter.

1) Dal Makhani – You will be surprised to learn that it is very easy to make a Dal Makhani-style restaurant at home. And the one prepared at home is not overly loaded with cream and artificial flavors. This dal makhani recipe produces a perfectly creamy, thick and delicious dal, without spending hours near the gas stove. Serve with lachha paratha or naan, homemade style, for a complete meal in the style of a Punjabi restaurant.

2) Paneer Pasanda – Paneer Pasanda is one of the most popular Indian vegetarian dishes served in restaurants. It is a rich Paneer sauce, loved by all who taste it for the first time. It is not that difficult to make the Paneer Pasanda restaurant style at home. And once you get over this recipe, you’ll never go back to that messy and artificially colored paneer sauce served in restaurants.

3) Chicken Do Pyaza – Impressive recipes, this one has all the perfect Punjabi flavors. Pyaza chicken is prepared with a lot of onions. The sweetness of the onion and the heat of the spices create a good combination of flavors to lick your fingers. It is a perfect dish for food lovers who love to taste the spicy curry. The Pyaza chicken can be enjoyed with jeera rice, lachha paratha, or tandoori roti.

4) Soya Chaap Tikka Masala – Today, many restaurants serve vegetarian tikka masala that is prepared with soy cheap. Soy cheap or fake meat prepared with soy is a great meaty substitute for vegetarian lovers. This cheap soy tikka masala can give a tough fight to the chicken tikka masala served in restaurants. If you don’t believe me, try this recipe once. For those who are vegetarian, curry lovers and are bored with paneer tikka masala – this is a recipe that you can not fail to try.

5) Chicken with butter – No conversation about Indian restaurant food is complete without chicken and butter. And all chicken lovers should have a surefire recipe for chicken and butter on their sleeve. What I like most about this recipe for chicken and butter is that it is ready in just 30 minutes. It has a simple list of ingredients to follow, an accurate cooking method and does not require hours of prior preparation. Don’t forget to serve the buttered chicken with butter naan for a complete and indulgent meal.

6) Kadhai Paneer – Kadhai Paneer is one of the popular paneer dishes to order while eating out at any Punjabi restaurant in northern India. Because? Because it is full of flavors and complements almost all Indian bread perfectly. And if I say now that you can make the Kadhai Paneer restaurant style at home. That too in less than 30 minutes. This kadhai paneer recipe is quite straightforward, which makes it even easier for you to earn countless compliments from those who taste it.

7) Pineapple Raita – The sweet and salty pineapple raita is one of the most common side dishes served with Indian curry in restaurants. The chilled pineapple raita helps to cool the heat of the curry seasonings. It is a calming change for the taste buds as well. Now you can make the best pineapple root at home with this simple recipe. And since I started making pineapple root at home, it has become a daily activity.

8) Naan – Whether it is rich and spicy meat curry or light and healthy vegetarian dishes, Naan is a bread that humbly compliments everyone. No Indian meal in any restaurant is complete without a little naan. Making a soft and fluffy Naan at home is no big deal. This naan recipe doesn’t even require yeast. And the best part of making naan at home is that you can make it whenever you want and serve it very hot.

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