German Shepherd Dog Food Recipes

German Shepherd Dog Food Recipes

German shepherds live a very active life. Most of the time, it is worthwhile for a dog to have his days wasted to be filled with gourmet meals! Here are some German Shepherd Dog food recipes that your dog will love.

Recipe One


2.5 kilos of beef (ground)

1.25 kg of chicken (ground)

1.25 kg of turkey (soil)

2.5 kilos of child carrots

2 potatoes to roast

3 cups brown rice

3 pieces of eggs

3 cups of chicken stock

2 cups of water

First, mix meat, chicken and turkey. Take it to the oven.

Then, mix the chicken broth with rice and water. Cook for 30 minutes over medium heat.

Beat the eggs slightly. Never overdo it. Then add the potatoes and carrots. Cook for another 20 to 30 minutes.

After everything is done, place it in a container and finally in the freezer.

Recipe Two


7.5 kilos of chicken meat

2.5 kilos of organic meats

2 cups of peas

2 cups of rice (brown)

1 cup of lentils

4 cloves of garlic

3 cups of vegetables of any kind (according to your preference)

Cook the chicken meat first. Then bake all meats with dried vegetables (for example, split peas).

Scrape all the meat off the bones and cut the meat into smaller pieces. Place in the food processor and grind the raw meat.

Then, with the lentils, mix the brown rice and cook. Place all vegetables plus garlic in the food processor.

Mix everything together, place in containers and freeze.

When serving, take a concentrated stew and put a little water and microwave until it gets hot.


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