Tips for preparing easy meals to make healthy dinners

For most families, dinner is the most important meal of the day. It is just a part of the day when all family members are present and everyone can catch up on all important family and school matters. Parents who are in charge of preparing dinner will also have more time to cook and will not have to rush to make the evening meal, unlike breakfast, when everyone is in a hurry to go to work or school.

Since dinner is usually the only time of the day when everyone can be at the table, you will certainly want to spend less time preparing the meal and more talking with the family. As such, it would be useful to know some tips for preparing easy-to-make dinners that are also healthy and delicious. Below are some of these tips that you can follow to make dinner easy to cook, but healthy:

• Create a meal plan for dinner. Take some time during the weekends (when you are free) to create a meal plan for dinner during the week. Make sure your meal plan contains healthy recipes. As such, be sure to incorporate whole grains, vegetables, lean proteins and other healthy and nutritious ingredients.

• Take time to make some preparations work as well. When you have some free time, do the necessary food preparation tasks as well. This means peeling and slicing vegetables and fruits and storing them properly in the refrigerator. You can also chop some additional fruits and vegetables so that you can have some extras for everyone to eat or to add to other meals.

• You can also make sure that you always incorporate healthy vegetables into your meals, without spending a lot of time preparing, buying fresh pre-cut vegetables such as broccoli, pumpkin and mushrooms.

• Always store and use staple foods for healthy cooking. For easy and healthy food preparation, always keep your staples close at hand. This includes extra virgin olive oil, egg substitutes and light or fat-free soy milk. Renowned nutritionists recommend using extra virgin olive oil in a spray bottle because this is a safer and easier way to reduce the fat and calorie content of a dish.

• Modify your cooking methods. Finally, by changing the usual way of cooking, you can effectively reduce everyone’s fat and calorie intake. As such, if you are always frying chicken in the pan, consider roasting or broiling it. You will spend less time watching what you cook while serving and eating healthier dishes. Grilling, broiling or hunting fish is also a healthier option. You can also avoid using too much oil by placing diced vegetables such as onions and vegetables in the microwave instead of frying them.

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